Welcome to the world of Stormfallen (a work in progress). This site is dedicated to all things Hedos, which is the planet where my story takes place. I plan on keeping this site as the hub of the series, to divulge any important information regarding release dates, updates for fans, and any other pertinent info that I’d like to share. You’ll find a ton of backstory and lore here as well, maybe even some easter eggs!

For those who are unfamiliar with my new science-fiction/fantasy novel (which I regard as sciencefantasy), here is a shortened summary of the story:

Shortly after a new Stormfallen appears in a forest near the city of Khraw, a special team of warriors, known as Liberators, is tasked to annihilate the foe. The Liberators call upon the aid of an advanced species called the Lorrallen, which have taken refuge on the planet alongside the native Krenon, in order to eliminate the crystal-bound enemy. The forest is much more than it seems, however, and the team is disbanded before they can find and destroy the Stormfallen. Stuck in the eye of the storm, with the lives of nearby citizens at risk, the team members must survive together, or die alone. 

Whew! Okay, now that I’m done being as vague as I can be, I’m going to talk about how the story came about and go into some more detail.

One night I was sitting at my computer, feeling inspired of course, and I wanted to write a short story. I’d once heard that if you could master the art of telling a short story then you could write a nice, well-formed novel (doesn’t mean it’s true, but hey, that’s what I heard). So, as I sat there thinking about what I wanted to write, my mind wandered to RPG’s (Role-Playing Games), and no, I wasn’t daydreaming about doing something more fun, I was actually dissecting the nuances that make RPG’s so much fun to play.

That was the beginning of Stormfallen. I had this idea of crystals falling from the sky, or showing up randomly in places through strange portals, and the adverse effects they would have on another planet. This prompted the idea of the Liberators. A team of soldiers/warriors specifically trained to destroy these crystals. These Liberators would be just like a party per se in a Final Fantasy game. And those characters would grow and evolve as the story went on to have: better weapons, stronger powers, varied equipment, companion creatures, among other fantastical things. There would even be side quests (sub-plots).

I began writing an action scene, because action scenes are my favorite, and started developing the world as I went. The very first chapter on Wattpad is actually the very first thing I ever wrote of Stormfallen, so I saw it fitting to place it at the beginning, because if it was powerful enough to hook me then maybe, just maybe, it would pique someone else’s interest.

There were several reasons why I wanted to write a novel instead of a short story. Firstly, I realized that you can’t care about what is going on in the action scenes if you don’t care for the characters themselves. Secondly, I wanted to add Nevesa’s character because she created a whole new perspective to the story since she wasn’t a Liberator. It seemed like the best approach to have at least one outside character (excluding the Lorrallen) that could give a better perspective on the world and what was happening in it.

Then Nanowrimo 2014 (National Novel Writing Month) happened. I wasn’t prepared for it, and by the time I even knew that Nanowrimo existed, it was already Day 9. Granted, I had been working on the short story version (goal was 30,000 words, I know that’s more of a novella, but I didn’t know at the time) but there was no way to turn what I had written into a novel. I had to start from scratch and build the world/characters/plot so that it’d be engaging and a full story experience.

So, I failed Nanowrimo, and I failed my short story idea, but I gained the momentum I needed to start my first novel. And with the help of Wattpad I’m releasing the chapters weekly in serial format.

Thanks for reading this About page. I hope it gave a little insight on the novel and its beginnings. If you’d like to read it I have the links to my Wattpad profile so you can read it for free. Please feel free to create a Wattpad account and vote for Stormfallen. Every little bit of support helps me out, and I greatly appreciate it.~WM

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