Myalin Khraw

Myalin ‘The Separator’ Khraw (My-Ahl-En)

Race: Krenon

Status: Liberator (Khraw)

Gender: Male

Born: Cycle of Yalm 3345

Age: 8 cycles (roughly 40 Lorrallen years).

Weapons: Giant, two-handed axe/Dual Eviscerator daggers.

Attire: N/A, although he occasionally wears a harness around his upper body to carry his weapons.

Skin Color: Light green

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: N/A

Height: 7 feet and 4 inches

Weight: 336 pounds

Abilities/Adaptation: Regeneration- While in direct contact with the radiation from nearby sun, Vakks, the Khraw can absorb its energy, allowing them to either store it for a time when it’s necessary for their survival, or immediately for a boost in agility and strength, and an increase in each of the senses. Regeneration of damaged tissue has become the most prominent aspect of their perceived power.

Markings: A scar across his right eye which he received during his fight with Yarrex. He purposefully doesn’t heal it in order to remind himself of Reni.

Traits: Social issues stemming from a life of fighting and war. His anger problem impedes his ability to integrate into his own society which makes him feel like an outcast, even at “home”. He fights for what he believes in but quickly loses focus when the thrill of action enters the mix.

Bio: His father, Hemall, was a Semogh in the Khraw military. His mother, Trume, a blacksmith. His parents met during a special order request to fix the Magistratus’ crowned sword (Bouldren was the Khraw leader at the time). Hemall died in battle with the Ru’ara when Myalin was just a hatchling. His mother became very disconnected with the world. Myalin would eventually join the military to be like his father and prove his worth to his mother.

Unfortunately, she would die from an unknown sickness before he would be promoted to Semogh. His entire life revolved around the military, so he let out all of his frustrations in battle, becoming one of the most skilled warriors Khraw had ever seen. He was then appointed Nam’el of the Khraw military around the same time Magistratus Bouldren was killed in battle.

He competed for leadership, but Gy’ave Khraw would be chosen to take the mantle of Magistratus. The first Stormfallen would show up not two moons later.

Myalin led the attack on the first Stormfallen after the Ru’ara requested aid from neighboring Clandoms. The mission was supposed to be an undercover raid against the Ru’ara in an attempt to destroy them from the inside, but Myalin, after falling for a Ru’ara krena, abandoned the mission causing massive Khraw casualties.

Upon his return to Khraw he resigned from his position as Nam’el and joined the newly-formed Liberation unit in hopes of lessening the responsibilty of leadership, and to distance himself from the Magistratus. He accompanied the Lorrallen on several Liberations becoming more familiar with their species than most Krenon, developing partial friendships with Darlowe Slyton and Runa Marien. After Jozz Khraw won the recent Gauntlet – whom after which was inducted into the Liberators for his skill in combat – he warmed up to the new recruit, finding him an honest comrade in which to confide in.

Myalin currently battles with his ongoing anger problems and the post-traumatic symptoms caused by a lifetime in war. He continues to seek redemption for the individual he has become and will stop at nothing to discover the meaning of it all.

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