Gy’ave Khraw

Gy’ave Khraw (Gee-ahv)

Race: Krenon

Status: Prior Gauntlet Champion/Prior Warrior/ Current Magistratus (Khraw)

Gender: Female

Born: Cycle of Yalm 3345

Age: 8 cycles (roughly 40 Lorrallen years).

Weapons: Two-handed longsword, short sword

Attire: N/A (Occasionally the Magistratus’ attire)

Skin Color: Light green

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: N/A

Height: 7′ 1″

Weight: 275 pounds

Abilities/Adaptation: Regeneration– While in direct contact with the radiation from nearby sun, Vakks, the Khraw can absorb its energy, allowing them to either store it for a time when it’s necessary for their survival, or immediately for a boost in agility and strength, and an increase in each of the senses. Regeneration of damaged tissue has become the most prominent aspect of their perceived power.

Markings: N/A

Traits: With a well-known history of hatred for other clandoms, she has managed to exploit her personal feelings as false patriotism. Her skills in battle demonstrate her ability to lead and handle forces during wartime, but many question her ability to understand the nuances of everyday life among the Khraw kin. She is viewed as violent and, at times, irrational.

Bio: As a young krena, Gy’ave witnessed her father repeatedly beat her mother. She felt powerless as she was forced to watch, too small to resist. Mengha, her father, was a large brute of a kren and it wasn’t until her mother, Yala, was beaten bloody and unconscious, that Gy’ave decided to step up to him. At 3 cycles old, she surprised her father when he came home from the factory, bludgeoning him in the back of the head before beating him to near-death.

After this, she tried to convince her mother to leave him. But Yala refused, disowning her daughter because of what she’d done to Mengha. Baffled, Gy’ave ran away from home, living on the streets until she was old enough to join the military.  While on her own, she met another krena named Evaell. Evaell was sweet, and gave Gy’ave the time of day she’d craved. They became best friends and lovers; nearly inseparable.

Not a cycle later, she heard that her mother had passed away from internal causes. She knew immediately what had killed her. Furious with her father, and the numerous encounters with other kren in the military, Gy’ave’s hatred began to boil over. She took matters into her own hands and made sure her father wouldn’t live to harm another krena again. However, her actions set a factory ablaze, killing dozens of innocents. However, under the cover of darkness, she was able to escape unseen.

With a new drive, she trained and focused on her fighting skills. She entered the Gauntlet and won. Now in the spotlight of the military, she was chosen to lead raiding parties into the Contested Lands along with the Magistratus and his chosen elites. The title of Magistratus had historically been given to a warrior of extraordinary skill, and so, she set her sights on the position.

Gy’ave proved herself clash after clash, gaining unprecedented amounts of land from the Ru’ara. This constant engagement with the Ru’ara engrained them as an enemy and less than Krenon. They became objects to overpower and kill; simply a threat to the Khraw. When the Magistratus unexpectedly died on the battlefield, Gy’ave entered the race to become the Khraw’s newly-appointed leader. After a bout with the famed Separator, Myalin, she’d won the title.

Soon after, the first Stormfallen arrived, forcing Gy’ave to make a decision whether to intervene. She decided to send aid to the Ru’ara, but the troops sent were under orders to raid the Ru’ara guilds and defeat them from the inside. However, Myalin–then the Nam’el of the military–refused to obey this order, defeating a Semogh who’d risen up against him in support of Gy’ave. Myalin followed through with defeating the Stormfallen, but at a great cost to Khraw.

This left the relationship between the two clandoms strained. Along with the Magistratus and the former Nam’el. With her grudges deeply engrained within her, Gy’ave never lets anyone get the best of her. She currently plots to destroy her enemies at all costs, foreign and domestic.


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