Jozz Khraw

Jozz Khraw (Jah-Zz)

Race: Krenon

Status: Gauntlet Champion/Liberator (Khraw)

Gender: Male

Born: Cycle of Yalm 3349

Age: 4 cycles (roughly 20 Lorrallen years).

Weapons: Crossbow/Machete

Attire: N/A

Skin Color: Light green

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: N/A

Height: 7 feet

Weight: 282 pounds

Abilities/Adaptation: Regeneration– While in direct contact with the radiation from nearby sun, Vakks, the Khraw can absorb its energy, allowing them to either store it for a time when it’s necessary for their survival, or immediately for a boost in agility and strength, and an increase in each of the senses. Regeneration of damaged tissue has become the most prominent aspect of their perceived power.

Markings: Missing tongue

Traits: Jozz deals with an intense form of anxiety. After dealing with these effects for so long, he’s come to understand how best to handle them, but at times it can debilitating. With the loss of his tongue, he doesn’t speak or try to communicate in the traditional sense, growing very detached to society. He had to grow up on the streets as a “stray” and has encountered many forms of bullying and abuse along the way. He’s dedicated and loyal to the few friends he does have and will fight for what is right no matter the consequences.

Bio: Born to a relatively well-off family in Khraw, Jozz was the third of three children. He was bright and curious in his young age, learning to speak and move about much earlier than his brother and sister. His parents worked in the local factory, producing quality products for the venders and traveling merchants.

However, both of his parents died in a blazing fire that destroyed the factory completely. Him and his siblings were forced to survive on the streets as “strays”. For nearly an entire moon, they struggled to make it through each day, alive only to the partial kindness of passing strangers. Eventually, a Khraw gang by the name of Khrest took them in and raised them. Khrest, openly opposed to the treaty with the Lorrallen, were a militarized group of extremists who prepared for the claimed “inevitable” war with the ones from beyond the sky.

Jozz’s sister, Dyanna, left the gang as soon as she was able to survive on her own. She joined the Khraw military in hopes of redeeming her faith in her clandom and proving that she was a useful member of society. His brother, Tellahn, rose in the ranks of Khrest and became very influential in the sect. When Jozz learned of a life-altering secret about Khrest, he tried to leave the gang, but was confronted by his brother. It became hostile between them and Jozz had to fight for his freedom, which he successfully acquired, but at a great cost.

He entered into the Gauntlet, a fighting competition held every cycle where warriors from all over the world challenge for the title of Champion. To everyone’s surprise, the speechless, young Khraw won the competition and was launched into immediate fame and wealth. The Magistratus wanted to enlist his skills, and so inducted him into the highly-respected Liberator squad. He followed orders without dispute and became close friends with the former Nam’el, Myalin, the leader of the Liberator unit. He now awaits his first mission to fight the terrifying enemy known as the Stormfallen.

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