Nevesa Ru’ara

Nevesa Ru’ara (Neh-Vess-Ah)

Race: Krenon

Status: Youth (Ru’ara)

Gender: Female

Born: Cycle of Yalm 3348

Age: 3 1/2 Cycles (Roughly 18 Lorrallen years)

Weapons: Khraw spear/Ru’ara Dagger

Attire: N/A (Sometimes wears a hooded cloak)

Skin Color: Dark green

Eye Color: Fiery red

Hair Color: N/A

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 215 pounds

Abilities/Adaptation: Camouflage- the Ru’ara are born with the ability to change the color and texture of their skin in order to blend into their immediate surroundings. This has allowed them to survive in the harsh jungle environment where other larger predators roam on the ground. It has also proven to be their most resourceful tactic when in combat, most other clandoms giving them the nickname of ‘Assassins’. Nevesa also has the ability to regenerate like the Khraw due to her father being Myalin, thus making her a mixed-blood. Mixed-bloods are rare but aren’t unheard of, though they are outcast by the majority of clandoms due to many cycles of hate and distrust amongst each other.

Markings: N/A

Traits: Nevesa is young and naive. Unlike her mother, Saveen, she chose not to take the path of the Ru’inn warriors even though she’d endured most of the training as a hatchling. She’s grown up in a time of relative peace between the clandoms due to the arrival of the Stormfallen. As a mixed-blood outcast, her and her mother failed to maintain social connection, this made her more timid and unsure of how to conduct herself around other kin. She’s honest, trustworthy, and dedicated, but has a skewed outlook on the unfair world she lives in. She believes in Yalm and prays for the Ancients to guide her in her times of need.

Bio: Nevesa was born to Saveen Ru’ara and Myalin Khraw. This had prompted the Ru’inn guild to view Saveen as disloyal to the Ru’ara, and her mother had been outcast from the guild. With nowhere to go, Saveen was forced to survive with a newborn hatchling amongst the Untamed Region’s horde of predatory creatures. They’d somehow survived, and Nevesa’s oldest memory was of being accepted by the Ru’lak guild, who were kind enough to take them in.

The Ru’lak kin weren’t very accepting of the fact that Nevesa was a mixed-blood, but they appeared to tolerate it. She’d maintained very few friends, most of them only able to socialize in secret since their parents viewed her as a bad influence. She’d entered into formal combat training which was taught by her mother. After several moons, she’d developed the skills needed to become the warrior Saveen would be proud of, but instead, rejected the honor. This had marked the period of silence between her and her mother.

After a trying time, several of the Ru’lak trainees who had gone through the initiation came to her. Begdar and Homnll had claimed to have been to the great city of Khraw. They told tales of excitement and wonder from the time when they’d visited the jungle of walls and dirt. Upon hearing this, she knew what her mission would be, and what her purpose had become. They offered to take her to the city and she accepted, leaving in the night. Thus, her journey began.

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