~The ever-evolving Glossary of Stormfallen. Here you will find detailed names, lore, and characters of Hedos and beyond. New words will be added as they are introduced, however, depending on the story’s progression some definitions may lack information intentionally. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!~WM

(Alphabetically-not by order of appearance)


Abyss, the: The mysterious and unexplored realm from which the portals and demons originate.

ACE: Augment Chip Enhancements are Lorrallen military technology used to enhance certain biological skills. Only one is permitted per soldier due to health risks. A portion of the Lorrallen population do not approve of the enhancement technology.

Adaptation: Each Krenon clandom has evolved over the cycles to adapt to their specific environment. The Adaptations are unique and provide them with the skills to survive in their region of Hedos.

Ancients, the: Part legend, part myth in Krenon lore. Large bones have been uncovered in many regions of Hedos proving their existence, but the beings have long since been extinct. Some Krenon even look to the Ancients for guidance through ritual and prayer, and others suspect that what killed the Ancients will return to judge them as well. Yalm is also believed to have had a hand in banishing them from Hedos.

Aphelion IX, the: The space cruiser the Lorrallen used to land on Hedos.

Arena, the: Historical building in Khraw known for hosting the cyclical Guantlet. Also houses the Krenon military and the Liberators.

Ava’elle (Ahv-ah-ehl): A clandom within the Contested Lands. Located between Khraw and Ru’ara, it is a city of wood constructed atop a land-locked lake. The krena born with Ava’elle blood are all asexual in nature. Same-sex partnerships are not uncommon, although, the male birth rate has been far lower in recent cycles.

Ava’elle Lake: The largest source of fresh water in all of Hedos. Easily guarded due to the fact that most Krenon are not as adept swimmers as the Ava’elle natives.


Ballor Khraw, Quartermaster (Bal-OHR): A long time friend and mentor to Myalin Khraw. Ballor had fought alongside Myalin’s father in the Clan War. When Myalin entered into the military, Ballor took it upon himself to look out for the young Myalin, guiding him down the path of the warrior. Ballor holds the highest position within the Khraw military known as Quartermaster (see Quartermaster).

Basking Holes: A feature commonly found in residential structures to allow energy from Vakks, the sun, to enter from above. Krenon rely on Vakks for their daily energy, absorbing the heat by lying immobile for a short time, or remaining outside during the day.

Begdar Ru’ara (Beg-DAHR): A young krena around the same age as Nevesa. She and Homnl (see Homnl) went on a scouting trip from the southern village of Ru’lak to the city Khraw. They returned with tales of celebration and acceptance. When Nevesa heard the good news she knew it was time to make her journey.

Bellianne Tagonara, Ambassador (Bel-LEE-An): Appointed as head Ambassador to the Krenon, Bellianne has improved relations between both species allowing them to live peacefully among one another. She seems to have had past relations with the Liberator known as Darlowe Slyton. Strong-willed and competent, she is, to many, a perfect candidate for other higher roles in leadership.

Beyond The Sky: Phrase used by the Krenon when referring to space, or the origins of the Lorrallen.

Bonewaters, the: A large portion of the eastern coastline. Named as such due to the sharp rocks jutting out of the shallow water resembling broken bones or rib cages of massive carcasses.


Clan Wars: An era of war between the Krenon clandoms before the arrival of the Stormfallen.

Clandom: The term for the homeland or kin of a particular Variant of Krenon. Each clandom has evolved to adapt to their respective environment, creating a unique variation, or Adaptation, that distinguishes one clandom from another.

Comar: The second largest moon orbiting the planet of Hedos. It has a blue tint to it, some even refer to it as the ‘Water Moon’. Worshippers of Comar are normally found near the coastal regions.

Contested Lands: The large, flat region consisting of Khraw, Ru’ara, Ava’elle, and Khimoth. The area has been host to many large-scale battles between the four clandoms.

Council Members: Also known as Chancellors, the council members are Krenon from various parts of Hedos that make up the Union body. They serve as Ambassadors for their clandom, helping the Magistratus in defending against the Stormfallen.

Cycle: The amount of time it takes for all five moons to orbit the planet. Roughly the same amount of time it takes the Krenon hatchlings to reach adulthood. Used by the Krenon to measure time and predict the coming of seasons.


Daghon Khraw (Dah-GONE): A warrior in the Khraw military. He is well respected on the battlefield by most of his peers. Also known to be fairly sexist which is rare among the Khraw, or Krenon in general.

Darlowe Slyton: A veteran soldier in the Defender Program. He led the Liberation of Faraway Isle near the island clandom of Po’muja. He had become somewhat of a mentor to the young Runa Marien, but she has since surpassed his skills.

Decrepit Forest, the: A large cluster of woodlands northeast of Khraw. Many have deemed the forest haunted and evil. Rumors state the forest is alive and any who pass through it will never be seen again. Only the superstitious believe such myths but most avoid the forest regardless.

Defender Program: When the Lorrallen first arrived the Defender Program was initiated to protect the mothership, Aphelion IX, from the native species in case they grew hostile. The Defender Program is used to accustom soldiers to the native environment and educate them on how best to engage the planet’s host species, in both diplomatic and hostile means.

Dekta: The third largest moon orbiting the planet. Its reddish hue has become favored by the southern regions’ worshippers as it resembles the maroon-colored, arid landscape they have come to call home. When it appears it marks the half way point in the cycle. It’s also the only moon to orbit in the opposite direction as the other moons.

Demons: Much is unknown about the demons. They have only been observed within the vicinity of the Stormfallen’s area of effect. They seem to be protecting the crystals at the center of the storms. Coming in varying shapes and sizes the creatures don’t seem to be of one species, but rather a mixture of many species afflicted with the same anatomical makeup.

Do’len Bulbs (DOE-lin): A juicy fruit that grows near fresh water sources. The round nature of the edible treat was said to be named after the first harvesters, a self-sustaining tribe living near the Ava’elle lake, all appearing to have gained a substantial amount of weight from ingesting it as a primary food source.

Dyanna Khraw (DEE-annah): A new recruit in the Khraw military. She hopes to one day be a Liberator.


Endless Sea, the: A body of water in the west that reaches beyond what the eye can see. The Khraw, a land-based clandom, has never attempted to cross it but the water is believed to be endless.

Evaell Khraw (EV-aye-ell): A childhood friend to Gy’ave Khraw, the current Magistratus. Evaell had always had feelings for the Gy’ave and didn’t confess her love for the powerful warrior until she returned from ‘The Last Clash’ when the Stormfallen first appeared.

Eviscerators: Short, hooked blades favorited by the northern clandoms.


Faraway Isle: The furthest island on the opposite reaches of Po’muja. Location of an early Stormfallen.

First Contact: The time period when the Lorrallen chose to land on the surface of Hedos and introduce themselves to the native Krenon race. Due to the proximity of the landing zone, the Khraw were the first to encounter the outsiders.

Five Moon Season: The period of time during the cycle of the moons when all five are present in the sky.

Flek: A derogatory term meaning: lowest of the low.


Garra Khraw (GAHR-ra): A low-ranking soldier in the Khraw military. She hasn’t seen much action but is extremely loyal.

Gauntlet, the: A cyclical event which takes place at the Arena. A tournament meant to test the best warriors in the land. The winner is heralded as the Champion and awarded a handsome allotment of Huels.

Ghom (GOM): The Krenon term for soul. It makes up one’s entire being, or identity.

Grass Root: The grass mainly found in the plains surrounding Khraw have long, rope-like roots digging into the soil. When the grass is extracted the roots can be harvested and used for many purposes.

Galia (Gah-lee-ah): Round, wooden instruments that are hallowed out and produce low reverberations when struck.

Gy’ave Khraw, Magistratus (Gee-ahv): Raised by non-violent parents, Gy’ave rebelled and chose the path of the warrior, joining the Khraw military as soon as she was old enough. Her passion for violence, driven by an unseen anger, willed her to become the best of the best. She eventually bested every other warrior in the military, and having previously won the Gauntlet, she was the obvious choice for the strong leadership role that was the Magistratus.

Gynee: A small, scaled creature that inhabits most of Hedos. It has six legs and feeds on small insects. It prefers dark and damp environments, attracted to the large concentrated areas of Krenon populations. Known to carry infectious diseases and to bite if threatened.


Hatchling: The term used for young Krenon during their first cycle of age.

Hark Worm: An incredibly large boneless creature that burrows underground in the Ru’ara jungles. It rarely comes to the surface but loud noises aggravate the monsters and they devour anything that moves on the surface. One of the reasons the Ru’ara kin live high up in the trees.

Hedos: The name of the planet and the continent for which the Krenon live. The planet is considered a Class 4 planet; able to sustain several dominant species at once.

Homnl Ru’ara (HOM-el): A young Ru’ara kren that accompanied Begdar on the first diplomatic journey to Khraw in many cycles. Also spread stories of welcome parties at the gates of the historical city.

Huel: A form of currency used in the northern clandoms. Small glowing rocks mined from beneath the surface. Very hard to obtain, but no real, perceived value other than currency. The brighter the glow, the higher the value. Values are broken into four subcategories based on brightness.


Jozz Khraw, the Silent: A youthful kren accustomed to hardship. His parents were killed in a factory accident when he was a hatchling leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves on the streets of Khraw.


Karme Khraw: A dutiful Khraw warrior making his way up the chain within the Arena leadership. He was killed by accident in the dungeon as Nevesa attempted her escape.

Khraw: The oldest clandom and most historical Krenon city. Located in the plains of the north, it has grown to an immense scale. Home to the Union and its Liberators.

Kin: Term widely used by Krenon to regard the ones that live within a designated clandom.

Kilrog: A large predator living in the northern plains.

Kilrog’s Prey: A popular tavern in Khraw.

Kolcan: The smallest of the five moons. Greenish in color.

Krenon: A sentient species found on the planet of Hedos. They have been divided into seven distinct clandoms across the landmass each bearing a unique Adaptation: Khraw, Ava’elle, Ru’ara, Khimoth, Do’esh, Po’muja, Ni’avera.

Kren: The term for a Krenon male.

Krena: The term for a Krenon female.



Levion Khraw: A Semogh in the Khraw military.

The Last Clash: A battle in the Contested Lands during which the first Stormfallen arrived.

Liberators: A team of warriors put together by the Union to combat the Stormfallen and its demons.

Liberation Day: A cyclical holiday in which the Krenon celebrate life and family, meant to bring hope and happiness as the Stormfallen terrorize the planet.

Lorrallen: An advanced species that survived in space for thousands of years on a space cruiser known as Aphelion IX. They finally finished their search for an inhabitable planet and decided to take the risk of coexisting with the Krenon species.


Magistratus: The title given to the leader of Khraw. It holds the plural form due to an error in translation on the Lorrallen’s part. In the Krenon language it means ‘The unified decider’.

Majka: A mystical power the Po’muja believe to exist. Frowned upon by a majority of the other Clandoms as it is seen as blasphemy of Yalm or the other worshipped gods.

Mogh: An icy realm many Krenon believe corrupted Ghoms are condemned after death.

Mamere: The fourth largest moon of the five. It is purplish in color. Ru’ara holds the majority of its worshippers.

Mamere River: A vital river that runs south through Ru’ara and ends with the marshes that surrounds Khimoth.

Myalin Khraw, the Separator: A well-known Khraw warrior who was selected to lead the Khraw military as Nam’el. After a conflict of interest with the Magistratus he left the military to join the Liberator unit to face the Stormfallen.


Nevesa Ru’ara: The daughter of Myalin Khraw and Saveen Ru’ara. Considered an outcast in her own Clandom as a mixed blood, she decided to leave in the middle of the night with the goal to find her father and make him understand what he did to his family by leaving them.

New Salvation: The name for the designated zone granted to the Lorrallen northwest of Khraw.

Ni’avera: The southernmost Clandom on Hedos located in a volcanic, mountainous region. They were forced to excavate large caverns out of the mountains due to the harsh environment. Over thousands of cycles their eyesight became unnecessary in the dark tunnels of their Clandom.

Nam’el: The title given to the leader of the Khraw military.


Pa’yet: A name for homes which are built in the treetops within the Clandom of Ru’ara, where its massive jungles allow such a feat.

Portals: A term used for the openings that appear out of thin air and allow the demons to pass through to arrive on Hedos.

Po’muja: A remote Clandom of islands off the eastern coast of Hedos. Isolated, the inhabitants of Po’muja evolved very differently, their traditions consisting of ritualistic behaviors and the belief in mystical power known as ‘Majka’. Some have even developed a third eye in the center of their forehead.


Quartermaster: A prized position at the head of the Khraw military. Serves as an advisor to the Magistratus in the affairs of military strategy.


Ru’ara: A large Clandom in the jungles of eastern Hedos. Located in the Contested Lands, Ru’ara has been at war with Khraw for thousands of cycles. Using the jungle environment to their advantage, they have continued to thrive. Made up of small clusters of Pa’yet homes stretching into almost every region the jungles are present.

Ru’inn: The largest of the Pa’yet clusters near the center of the jungle. Home to the Ru’inn Guild and the Guild HQ. Birthplace of Nevesa.

Ru’inn Guild: The largest and most famous of the Ru’ara Guilds. The fighters recruited and trained here become some of the best warriors Ru’ara has to offer.

Ru’lak: A small cluster south of Ru’inn where Saveen and Nevesa found refuge after being exiled from Ru’inn.

Runa Marien: A Lorrallen soldier inducted into the newly-formed Defenders program after the Stormfallen made their first appearance. After the events on the island of Po’muja she became very close to Darlowe Slyton and the two are nearly inseparable.

Reni Khraw: A Khraw hatchling that looks up to the famous Myalin.

Reptilia, the: Based on the Lorrallen life-form classification system, the Krenon are labeled under Reptilia. Reptilia have been known to come in many shapes and sizes but they all share the same basic traits: dependent of the sun for control of internal body temperature; dry, scaly skin; and a four-chambered heart for controlling blood oxidation.


Saveen Ru’ara: Mother of Nevesa. Branded a traitor among the Ru’inn for sleeping with the enemy and giving birth to a mixed-blood hatchling. Once a highly-skilled assassin in the Ru’inn guild.

Semogh: A rank in the Khraw military. Only promising leaders are appointed this rank.

Stormfallen: The name given to the large, mysterious crystals that fall from the sky and cause massive storms to appear which envelope the surrounding area. Thought to be the source of the demons and the portals from which they spawn. No one has seen a Stormfallen outside of its crystal, and when the crystal is destroyed their bodies are nowhere to be found.


Telka: An air-blown instrument used for higher-pitched melodies.

Teyaln Khraw: One of the guards on duty during Nevesa’s initial escape from the dungeon.

Tower, the: The tallest structure in the city of Khraw. The building is a monument to the Khraw as well as being the home and headquarters of the Clandom’s current Magistratus. Until recently the entire building had been used solely by the Magistratus, and the kin working for them, but now it is currently being utilized by the Union while the Magistratus resides on the top floor.


Union, the: Formed after the first attempt to destroy a Stormfallen failed and the aid of other Clandoms were called upon. The Union is a small governing force held in the Tower, within Khraw, consisting of chancellors from each of the participating Clandoms. Each chancellor represents their Clandom and has with them a small fighting force that makes up the Liberator unit.

Untamed Regions: Areas within Ru’ara known to be uncolonized and overrun with natural wildlife. The wildlife in the Ru’ara jungles has been known to host some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Traveling on the ground in the Untamed Regions is known to be a death wish.


Vakks: The large sun which the planet Hedos orbits. The Krenon are especially dependent upon the energy it provides as their genetic makeup requires them to absorb its heat. For this reason the sun is a major part of many Krenon lives, some even going so far as to worship Vakks as ‘The Giver’.


War Quarters: A section of the Arena that houses the warriors in the Khraw military and the Liberators from allied Clandoms. The location of Quartermaster Ballor’s office.


Yakh Nectar: A sweet drink produced from an abundant fruit located near Ava’elle Lake. When consumed in large quantities it can cause impairment of many bodily functions.

Yalm: An idolized figure in Krenon folklore known for banishing the ‘Ancients’. Many worship him religiously, praying for guidance and protection.

Yarrexenbia Ni’avera: An assassin believed to have been sent by the Ni’avera to claim separation from the Union and initiate a war between the distant Clandoms.

Youth Development and Education: A program held in the Lorrallen school system for teaching the youth how to survive on the planet they are currently living and becoming a useful asset to the Lorrallen people as a whole.

Yuktus Tree: A rare tree found in the northern regions of Hedos where the climate can reach dangerously low temperatures, at least for the Krenon. The wood is extremely high-quality and is seen as elegant.

Yundar Ru’ara: The leader of the Ru’inn Guild. She has a history with Saveen and the two had a falling out after the events that lead up to her and Nevesa’s exile.

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