Illustration for the upcoming Stormfallen series

My name is Winston Malone and this is my personal blog (or hub, of sorts). I’ll be posting my work in a centralized location so that my readers can know exactly what’s new and where to find it. The site will be going through a lot of changes as I figure out a good way to set this up moving forward, so bear with me.

I’m currently writing several short stories that will be compiled into a collection called “Tales of Havek: Volume One”. This first novel will consist of Dark Fantasy short stories and novellas detailing the most exciting and pivotal moments of Havek’s tumultuous history weaving together a somewhat linear narrative that spans multiple characters and locales. (Havek is the name of the planet where these stories take place)

Opinion pieces and non-fiction content will be uploaded at some point, but I’ll announce that as it happens. I look forward to connecting with you and I hope you find some stuff entertaining or engaging. Thanks for your precious time and attention. If you like what I do, or would like to connect on another site, check out the links below. See you around! ~ WM



Wattpad is a social media writing and reading platform that enables engagement between writers and their audience on the website and the app. I’ll be posting my rough first drafts of my latest writing here in order to get Alpha and Beta readers’ feedback. Look forward to meeting you there!


Royal Road is a fiction/fan-fiction site that encourages audience engagement and productivity through a special stat-tracking system that encourages writers and readers to level up their page by following, reviewing, and liking content posted by others. I’m new to this platform and will likely be posting polished work on this site in order to get different feedback from Wattpad.


Buy Me a Coffee is a support-driven site much like Patreon (but streamlined and easier to use imo) that allows users to donate small portions of money for any content or service they feel deserves a tip. It even allows for a subscription option for more premium content, however, I haven’t delved into that territory yet. If you like what I’m doing, feel free to support me there or down below on this site. BTW, I love coffee!

Want to know more?

This is just the Home page! Make sure to check out the other pages where my stories and other content is posted.