O2 Reviews: Jurassic World *Spoiler Free*

Jurassic World-2015

Directed by Colin Trevorrow

Screenplay and Story by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan

Summary: Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor’s interest, which backfires horribly. (Jurassic World IMDb)

The park is now open! It’s been 22 years since the original dino-flick came roaring into theaters and into our hearts. Now it’s a fully-functioning theme park with jaw-dropping attractions, and they spared no expense! The film is that of a park ride itself, full of action and suspense, horror even, all leading up to its climactic finish that’ll have you gripping your seat out of fear, excitement, and awe. The IMAX 3D experience will leave you extremely satisfied and nodding your approval even after the hefty price. (Ahem, first and only movie I’ve ever felt compelled to clap for once the credits rolled.) But don’t think I didn’t have a few gripes about the movie: it had a few bumps, but none that could overpower the non-stop adrenaline this movie brings.

Cinematography 3/3

The picture quality and visuals were stunning. I had a few concerns going in about the dinosaurs being completely CGI and whether or not it would affect the feel of the movie, as the other films achieved amazing things with animatronics. But once the raptors were introduced, I realized how real they seemed. Not once was I taken out of the movie jurassic2because of bad computer graphics or lack of detail. In an age of green screen, this is a powerful statement and for that alone I give it full credit.

Genre/Direction 3/3

Jurassic World has a little something for everyone. I forgot how scary dinosaurs could be, honestly. This turned out to have real horror moments, more well done than most films labeled as Horror. The Indominous Rex comes off as the most creepy, and brutal, villain to come to the screen in recent years. With that being said, it’s also a summer action movie chalked full of all the great science fiction elements of the first film. I was so thrilled to see the amount of throwback teasers, or easter eggs, woven into the movie for all the fans of the original. I may have to write a separate article just for that!

Casting 3/3

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, or Laura Dern, but in a way, it was extremely refreshing. Hot off the success of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Chris Pratt is most likely becoming a household name. His sense of humor is real and you easily welcome it among the screams and chaos of the park attendees running for their Jurassic Worldlives. Bryce Dallas Howard plays an integral role in the film, greatly portraying the common disconnect humans may have from the life that thrives all around them. Vincent D’Onofrio, who most recently played Kingpin in the new Daredevil series, acts very well and is perfect in his mysterious InGen role. And of course Ty Simpkins issues a great performance, bringing back the same level of wonderment that the children in the original film had, and basically portrays the audience in the first row of this thrilling rollercoaster ride.

Writing 3/3

The script couldn’t have been better. With all of the nostalgic easter eggs and fresh experiences of the theme park finally in full motion, the movie moved along at a great pace. It never dragged or felt out of character. It didn’t really try to live up to anything, it just was. And that’s what I love about the latest installment to the Jurassic franchise. They knew what everyone wanted to see, and they brought it, no holds barred, while still implementing a level of mystery and suspense that keeps you guessing. There were a few corny moments, one in which Howard’s character refuses to take off her heels the entire movie, but hey, the lengths we go to for fashion, right?

Sound and Score 3/3

The roars and seat trembling foot steps sound great in the IMAX theater. All of the original sound effects are back, bringing to life the characters of the dinos as you know and love them. The score was of course iconic and nostalgic in certain scenes, while knowing when to fade away for the intense chases, leaving you immersed in the action along with the characters on screen. All in all, a good balance of new and old.

Bechdal Test 2/3bryce-dallas-howard-jurassic-world

If you’re unfamiliar with the Bechdal Test, it gauges a movie’s treatment of women based on 3 criteria: 1) Does the movie feature two or more named women? 2) Do they talk to each other? 3) If so, do they speak about something other than the male characters?

In my opinion, the film passes, but only slightly. Howard’s character and her sister speak several times, and not about Pratt’s character. But the casting is fairly male dominated. I feel like Bryce Dallas Howard plays a strong enough female character to overcome this fact, but it was still an underlying issue. However, I hope that the movie can be enjoyed for what it is: a movie about dinosaurs.

Other mechanics: Editing 3/3 Costume Design 3/3 Set Design 3/3

O2 Verdict: Toxic/Polluted/Thin/Clean/PURE

jurassic-world-super-bowl-trailer-1Jurassic World is now in theaters! I recommend it for those that loved the original and/or love dinosaurs in general. Horror fans: look out, this one ranks up there with some of the best monster/killer movies ever. And fans of science fiction will love the questions about human morality, the advances in bio-technology, and how we see our place in the food chain. If you’ve got spare cash, check out the IMAX 3D experience. I highly recommend it.

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O2 Reviews: Welcome to the Punch (2013) *Spoiler Free*

Welcome to the Punch- 2013

Directed by Eran Creevy

Actors: James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough

Genre: Action, Thriller

Summary: A retired thief and his longtime foe–a police detective–reluctantly join forces when they realize an ongoing conspiracy threatens them both.

1047849_859114In today’s world it is hard for an action film to stand out. If it’s not a highly-anticipated super hero installment, or a big-budget reboot, then it’ll most likely be swept under the rug, barely given a second thought. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy a film as it is, unconsciously comparing it to the one we saw last week, but that’s not our fault. In the end, so many factors go into whether a film is successful, and if it gets swept under the rug, well, there was probably good reason.

Welcome to the Punch is one that falls in that category of ‘Rug Dweller’. But it’s not all that bad. It had potential and there were many things that it did well, if not better, compared to most current films. The cinematography was fantastic, even beautiful. The visual clarity of the film was probably one of the things I liked most about it, with colorful overhead shots of the city and unique camera tricks. Cinematography: 3/3

In terms of genre it was most definitely a standard action/thriller. There wasn’t much brought to the table that I would consider ‘new territory’. The plot was one that we’ve seen time and time again. But the director did try to take what we already new about police thrillers and add a pinch of flavor to it. There were scenes that I literally didn’t blink, especially during the slow-mo scene in the third act, but I’m not quite sure it saved the movie. When it was all said and done, I don’t think the film quite developed its true identity. It seemed torn between whether it wanted to be ‘The Departed’ or ‘Wanted’, not really nearing either film’s level. Directing: 2/3 Genre: 2/3

I was extremely excited to see David Morrissey in something other than ‘The Walking Dead’. He acted incredibly in this film. Actually, the entire cast worked well in this film. There wasn’t a point in the movie where I thought acting was an issue. Mark Strong and James McAvoy were good choices as rivals and Andrea Riseborough did an amazing job at balancing the male dominant playing field. Casting: 3/3

The script was decent and had a well thought out story. There were plot points that I found unbelievable or a bit on the cheesy side. For example, a scene where McAvoy’s character finds glasses at the scene of a crime and knows exactly who they belong to. The movie does try to pass him off as a overly perceptive detective but it just felt too forced and unreal. Writing: 2/3

There isn’t much I can say about the soundtrack/score as there wasn’t much of it. At least, it was fairly forgettable. The sound quality was great, effects and guns sounding true to their nature. But other than that nothing special here. Score: 1/3

welcome-to-the-punch-pic06Bechdal Test: This is a point I feel strongly about and will include in every review. If you’re unfamiliar with the Bechdal Test, it gauges a movie’s treatment of women based on 3 criteria: 1) Does the movie feature two or more named women? 2) Do they talk to each other? 3) If so, do they speak about something other than the male characters? BT results: 1/3. The movie does have two named women, but they only glance at each other in passing. On top of that, both of the women have, or had, an emotional/sexual connection to the main character at some point.

Other mechanics–Editing: 3/3 Costume Design: 3/3 Set Design: 3/3

O2 Verdict: Toxic/Polluted/Thin/CLEAN/Pure


Welcome to the Punch is now available on Netflix, and in stores to buy. I recommend it for those who like a bit of action and a bit of mystery but not too much of either. It’s worth a watch, but not worth a buy.

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