Tales of Havek: Volume One

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Shadows of Asyrema

Bellard River is the captain of the Royal Guard of Asyrema. He is proud to protect the immortal Emperor, until one day Bellard witnesses his death. Yet, no one believes him, they claim that the Emperor is alive and well.

Stuck between reality and fiction, the now-disgraced captain must navigate his world and decipher what is real. The problem is that the shadows themselves are speaking to him and telling him he’s not crazy at all, that Bellard alone knows the truth of the Emperor’s fate.

Is he crazy or not? Bellard might break trying to figure that out.

The Angel of War

A second Empyrean War has emerged, this time due to the fall of the immortal Emperor.

Marten, a young man whose father died in the first Empyrean War, has enlisted with the Unified Forces of Asyrema to maintain order in a disputed region near his village. His mother begged him not to go but he felt it was the only honorable choice. He must follow in his father’s footsteps, albeit to his mother’s dismay.

While fighting for his survival on the battlefield, Marten experiences a rapid sense of growth as he comes to terms with his own mortality and the world around him. Marten discovers that there is a lot he doesn’t know or understand, but must choose a side regardless of the truth when he comes face to face with the enemy.

Betrayal at Dragon’s Bog

A pair of Cardinals hunt down a fugitive in the remote region of Dragon’s Bog, a charred and desolate wasteland ruled by the last remaining dragons. An aging soldier named Reginald has been recently inducted into the ranks of the Cardinals and is unfamiliar with the cutthroat nature of the Majestry’s council. Cardinal Elyza, however, was born into it and knows how to navigate the underbelly of the council’s schemes in order to keep on living. As they near their target, a dragon appears, however, it may be the least of their worries as a conspiracy unveils itself and betrayal takes root. Who will survive?


An upstart cartographer with aspirations of becoming rich and famous sent to the newly-established town of Yonledo in the untamed regions of Empyrea is forced into a life-or-death obligation when the Mayor demands that he enlist the help of a nearby hunter in order to rid the town of a monster terrorizing its citizens.

Savior of Aemysa Isle

A man trapped on a strange island surrounded by dense fog with only one exit – guarded endlessly by a shadowy presence – struggles to understand his past, present, and future as he attempts to escape by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, a woman and her children prepare to defend against an assault on their long-isolated refuge – Aemysa Isle – by a fleet of ships sailing toward their shores. The woman, Batyg, must harness an ancient power long forgotten by her people in order to survive, a power made real by her late husband. The power of prayer.

The Dark Light

Cover and description TBD.

Counseling of Yen

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